Love Wins soon…

Hey All!!

First, how do you like my super cool Logo! It took a lot longer to format it than to actually make it believe it or not.

I’m currently waiting for my other two gentlemen to get me their reviews of Love Wins before I post mine!

I think I’ll be posting a general, overview of the book, and possibly look at each chapter separately throughout the course of this year.

Tonight, I go to a discussion group where the topic of conversation will be… Love Wins… I feel that I’ll be one of the only ones supporting Rob… Regardless! It’s all good, I find that as I express my beliefes in both word and writing, that I’m able to better state them. Woo! So hopefully, the delay will translate to awesomeness for you guys.

Lastly, I’ll tell you this! I completely recommend going out and getting the book yourself, and doing your own research! Huzzah!

Also, what do you think about about ending my posts instead of “Mr.Funkhouser” with  this…



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I am a loyal servant of the Jedi Order, Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell and the odds are in my favor. After second breakfast I typically leave my hobbit friends to assimilate Borg and EXTERMINATE Daleks. I often make up my own words: As an architecture student I once said, “Abstractification of the Stratified Rockular Structure.” I’m getting my masters degree in Christian Education, I do social media for a living, and I will never forget the atrocities of the Lannisters. #TheNorthWillRemember. #WinterIsComing #HouseStark

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