Love Wins Reviews

Love Wins Reviews!

Does it? Does love always win? In Rob Bell’s latest book Love Wins: A Book about Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.  Because of this book Rob has been called everything from an universalist, a false teacher, a heretic, to a genius, a true Christian, and a brave person, willing to tackle the tough topics. He has started a controversy that to some is justified, and to others the controversy is nothing more than a disguise for their own fear. What’s the truth?

Well, you need to read the book for yourself to find out if the controversy is warranted, but presents you with three, exclusively written for, reviews on Love Wins, with two guest contributors. 

The first is written by a Mr. Tim Brahm, I’ve gotten to know Mr. Brahm through a discussion group I attend on Tuesday evenings. He’s a philosopher at heart and on paper (his degree is in it), and I completely believe him when he states his goal is to give him the benefit of the doubt.  His review clocks in at a little over five pages at a standard 12pt font text. Read his review here.

The second review is written by Mr. Rich Brahm (related to Tim). I also know him through the same discussion group. His bio is below his article.  What differentiates Rich’s review from Tim’s, is that Rich really in depthly looks at many of the claims of Rob but specifically goes into a word study of a few of the Greek and Hebrew words that Rob gets into. His review is logged at just over 6 pages, with a number of resources. Read his review here.

The final review and definitely the shortest is mine. As many of the things Rob gets into are discussion starters, and points, I’ll be getting into them at a later time, in-depth. As an example, Rob’s discussion of heaven being a place of comfort and confrontation, or Rob’s view of people choosing to go to Hell as opposed to God sending them there are topics much bigger to be discussed than simply the fact Rob brought them up. You can find my review here it’s just over three pages. =)

Thanks! By the way, check back, I’m sure there will be major discussions!

– Mr. Funkhouser

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