Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media (For your Private Life) Part 2.

If you missed part 1. Check it out here:

Basically, I had an Interpersonal Relationships course, and we had to write about how Social Media can affect your relationships and give 5 do’s and 5 don’ts. Here is my second list of do’s and Don’ts!

Do remember that on the internet, you may be “friends” with people who don’t know you well. 

Don’t assume that because someone is your friend on Facebook and you may have interacted with them that they understand you!

Believe it or not, I offend people without meaning to. Many times, I’ll post on my Facebook things and remarks that are a form of Hyperbole.

I am not a sexist. However, I find sexist jokes, really funny – not mean sexist jokes, but jokes concerning women being barefoot and pregnant, or a-like so.

Q: Wanna hear a funny joke?

A: Womens rights.

Hehe. I like them because I can get amazing reactions from my friends who are girls, and they know that I don’t mean it, and that one of the reasons it’s funny is because I don’t believe it, because it’s so different from who I am. They know how passionate I am for defending women and respecting them so it’s funny in the sense that sometimes when a person isn’t drunk, pretending to be can be funny.

The point of this is that to someone who doesn’t know me well, and probably many of you reading this, may think that I’m serious, without the context of who I am.

– Mr.Funkhouser


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I am a loyal servant of the Jedi Order, Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell and the odds are in my favor. After second breakfast I typically leave my hobbit friends to assimilate Borg and EXTERMINATE Daleks. I often make up my own words: As an architecture student I once said, “Abstractification of the Stratified Rockular Structure.” I’m getting my masters degree in Christian Education, I do social media for a living, and I will never forget the atrocities of the Lannisters. #TheNorthWillRemember. #WinterIsComing #HouseStark

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