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Greetings Programs!

So, to be honest, one of the reasons I’ve written and debuted five articles at the same time is because of the new theme? Do you like it? In order for the above slide show to work properly I needed five posts… with pictures! Not the easiest thing to come up with working full time as a graduate student. And it might actually work better to write the articles and debut them on weeks when I’m super busy!

REJECT that theory…


Actually, I don’t. I use it a lot.

However! I am debuting the four articles! Here’s a brief synopsis of them!

The first one is about Violence, and whether or not it equals safety. For some reason, there has been a rise of gun owners in my life. While I have no issues with guns and gun owners, I do like to ask questions, as all of them feel they need a gun for safety. Before you start worrying/celebrating, this is NOT an anti-gun article. I just want to examine the idea that violence equates to safety. I’ll also be looking at the idea of a just war!


I do believe there is a thing as a just war!

The second article is a review, and my initial thoughts on the show Breaking Bad. My cousin recently moved in with us, and he is watching the show. I joined him, and we started at the beginning. It’s one of those shows that leads to interesting ethical quandaries. At the point of writing this article I’m half way through the second season. This blog doesn’t contain any spoilers (granted, I do discuss the premise of the show) but I don’t talk about any specifics to the plot outside of the premise.

The third article is another review of one of my favorite shows on TV: Game of Thrones. I’m completely caught up with a censored version of Game of Thrones, and I will be exploring the show from a Christian perspective as well as a fan, looking at a lot of the ethical issues, as well as some of my favorite and least favorite characters. This blog may contain some spoilers… I discuss my opinions of the characters as of who they are by the end of season three. I don’t get into specifics of actions, but like if a character seemed bad in the beginning and they turned out to be good in season three, or vice versa, I’ll be looking at them through the season three light.

The final article (and yes, I’m considering this one part of my Fantastical 5) is a blog about us and change. I look at the saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” and try to wrestle with the seeming contradiction of creatures of habit loving change and wanting new things while seeking to remain the same.

Check them out, comment, subscribe, let me know what you think, and I’ll respond as quickly as paper writing lets me! 😀

– Mr.Funkhouser


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I am a loyal servant of the Jedi Order, Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell and the odds are in my favor. After second breakfast I typically leave my hobbit friends to assimilate Borg and EXTERMINATE Daleks. I often make up my own words: As an architecture student I once said, “Abstractification of the Stratified Rockular Structure.” I’m getting my masters degree in Christian Education, I do social media for a living, and I will never forget the atrocities of the Lannisters. #TheNorthWillRemember. #WinterIsComing #HouseStark

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