There is hope… Pt 3.

“‘However bad life may seem… While there’s life, there is hope.”
– Steven Hawking

This is the third article in my Blessed Are the Afflicted series, the intro with all of the parts can be found here. (When I write it tomorrow.) // Yes, I’m writing this out of order. #DealzWithIt

There’s a movie out about Steven Hawking, and you can watch the trailer here.

I, frankly, can’t watch the trailer without tearing up. I asked my friend to go with me to see it earlier this week, and he declined. His reason for declining is that after watching the trailer, he didn’t want to be depressed.

I want to watch the movie, very badly, not because I want to be depressed, but for the exact opposite reason. As I wrote in my first part this has been the semester from Hell, and in the second part I discussed why it’s OK to struggle and suffer. And when I see the trailer, aside from tearfully welling up, I get filled with a sense of inspiration and hope!

If Steven Hawking, can have all the things happen to him that he has, not know Christ, and he can still have hope, how much more should I have as someone who has a living relationship with the creator of the universe.

My favorite band, Five Iron Frenzy, has a song called, “World Without End” I encourage you to watch this lyric video, it has a line in it, “The very spark that burns the stars, drew near to me today, the God of everything that is, whispered in my ear that His love is boundless.”

Such poetry, and so much more hope to be had. The God of everything whispers to our heart that his love is boundless. Hope is to be had within that, but what if we don’t believe in God, what if it turns out that Christ was never raised? Well, Paul said 1 Corinthians 15:17 that “If Christ hasn’t come back to life, your faith is worthless and sin still has you in its power.”

But even Steven Hawking, who doesn’t believe in a God, still has hope, because he connects life with potential, and potential with hope… So I’ll close with this.

If you have God, you should have hope.
If you don’t have God, you can have hope as well, people in worse situations have had it.

The next part of this series, and possibly the last section, will be about embracing the hope and moving past it.

– mr.funkhouser

Oh. Check out this cover of the FIF song, I think it’s pretty good.


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